Local Election FAQ

Local Election FAQ

Did the local elections get moved to a new date?

YES, City Council and the Georgetown ISD Board of Trustees voted to move our local elections to November, 3rd, 2020. This will be the same date as the national general election.
In March, Governor Abbott a proclamation that, in effect, gave local government no viable choice except moving their elections to November 3rd. In the interest of protecting public health and welfare, I voted in favor of the new date.

Does this mean I still have time to register to vote in the local election?

Yes! You can now register to vote until October 5th, 2020.
You can find an application to register online and instructions here: http://www.wilco.org/Departments/Elections/Voter-Registration/Register-to-Vote
Or, you can contact me directly and I will help you get registered. As a Deputy Voter Registrar, I can do that!

Can I vote by mail?

Yes! If you are eligible to vote by mail, I would STRONGLY advise that you send in an application to do so. You are eligible if you are 65 or older, sick or disabled, in jail but otherwise eligible, or expect to be absent from the county for the entire November election season.
You can find an online application and instructions here: http://www.wilco.org/Departments/Elections/Voting-By-Mail
Or, you can contact me directly and I will help you get an application and fill it out! I can do that, too!
Just remember that the Williamson County Elections Office must receive the hard copy of your application by the end of the day on Friday, October 23rd, 2020.

Once I get my mail-in ballot, then what?

Your mail-in ballot should be sent to you 30 days before the election, or within 5 business days of its receipt at the Wilco Elections Office, depending on when you sent it in. Once you fill out your ballot, you must return the hard copy (by mail or in person) to the Williamson County Elections Office by 7 pm on Tuesday, November 3rd.

What if I don’t qualify to vote by mail, but I am concerned about going in person?

Contact your state representatives and let them know you would like them to expand the qualifications for mail-in ballots! They would have to change the law at the state level, to make this possible.
Minimize risk by taking advantage of early voting, and going during off-peak hours.
Contact the Wilco Elections Office staff to ask them about their cleaning and disinfecting protocol, for the general election.

Speaking of Early Voting, when will that be?

Early Voting will be from Monday, October 19th thru Friday, October 30th, 2020. I will provide more information about times and locations, when the date nears.

Where will I find the local elections, on the ballot?

Waaaaaaaaaaaay down, at the bottom! So, make sure you vote all the way down-ballot, and go to the last page!

What should I do with my yard sign?

After consulting with the city attorney, I was informed that there are no city laws limiting the amount of time that political yard signs can be displayed, as long as they are on private property (i.e. not in the city’s right-of-way). There are state laws limiting the amount of time such signs can be put up along highways to 90 days. And if you live in an HOA, you should check with them about any HOA rules that may apply to you.
So, please feel free to do what makes you most comfortable, regarding your Rachael sign: keep it up until November; take it down temporarily, lovingly store is someplace safe, then put it up again in September; or ask Rachael to pick it up and hold on to it, for safekeeping. It’s up to you!
(I may keep mine up and decorate them, for the seasons.)

What does this mean for local elections?

I don’t know. I wish I did. I know it will be a change, and probably a significant one. There’s a good chance that it will inject an element of partisanship into our non-partisan local races, which happens to be my favorite thing about local elections. It also means that local candidates will be competing with every other candidate running for office, up to President, to get their message out there to the voters. Not only will that be more difficult, it could also be more expensive.
(Head on over to my donation page, if you want to help out!)

Is this change forever?

No. Barring any unforeseen developments, local elections should return to their regular schedule in 2021.

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