Served on almost every regional and city board or commission with council representation, including the Capital Area Council of Governments, the Clean Air Coalition, the Georgetown Transportation Advisory Board, the Georgetown Transportation Enhancement Corporation, the Georgetown Economic Development Corporation, the Georgetown Governmental Accountability and Finance committee, the Animal Shelter advisory board, and the Georgetown Art Center board.


While on the Council, Rachael has:

  • Served on almost every regional and city board or commission with council representation, including the Capital Area Council of Governments, the Clean Air Coalition, the Georgetown Transportation Advisory Board, the Georgetown Transportation Enhancement Corporation, the Georgetown Economic Development Corporation, the Georgetown Governmental Accountability and Finance committee, the Animal Shelter advisory board, and the Georgetown Art Center board.
  • Engaged in robust and creative public outreach efforts, including: hosting numerous District 6 Neighborhood Night Out events at local parks over the last nine years, being the first on Council to have a council Facebook page, hosting regular Coffee Talks at the library and other locations around the district, printing up council business cards that have her phone number on them, putting out a District 6 newsletter, and walking door-to-door to hand out informational fliers to residents that may be impacted by nearby redevelopment projects
  • Listened to residents’ feedback on new development proposals and promoted cooperation and compromise, whenever possible, to ensure that projects are harmonious and compatible with long-established neighborhood uses and aesthetics. For example: event centers like the Union on 8th and Wish Well, the “old Eats on 8th” property, Hat Creek Burgers, Grace Heritage, the “Old Hospital” redevelopment, Downtown Municipal Complex, and more
  • Worked with a local Purple Heart recipient to write and pass the resolution that made Georgetown the first Purple Heart City in Texas, and added Veteran Services as an eligible category for the city’s Community Partnerships funding
  • Brought the urban farming tradition back to Georgetown with the Hen Ordinance, after much public discussion and involvement
  • Worked diligently on good governance efforts to keep the Georgetown City Council non-partisan and accessible: speaking out against efforts to change Council races, keeping Second Readings as an important component of public communication, and supporting redistricting that made Council districts compact & contiguous.
  • Successfully convinced the rest of Council to make sidewalk infrastructure a priority, including doubling the amount of funding in the 2008 road bond package, which has allowed the city to make serious in-roads on some of the missing sidewalk segments that make walking around Georgetown difficult or unsafe. You can see many of these projects completed, or approaching completion, in the district. Will take the same approach with the next road bond project, as well as encouraging public participation during the update to our Sidewalk Master Plan.
  • Strongly advocated for adopting an aggressive timeline for the implementation of park and trail additions and improvements: improvements at San Gabriel, Chautauqua, VFW, Edwards, San Jose and Founders Park; numerous trail extensions including along Scenic Road and the upcoming Katy Crossing extension; Safe Walk to School projects;  the new Creative Playscape
  • Supported city efforts to encourage sustainability practices, including the adoption of comprehensive lawn reforms that encourage more native landscaping and less water waste, a progressive fee structure that rewards conservation, the adoption of single-stream recycling and the implementation of a curb-side composting option. Supports revisiting and improving our Tree Ordinances to expand our definition to include the preservation of native habitats.
  • Continued her work as a Voting Precinct Chair and Deputy Voter Registrar, to encourage more civic participation at all ages and levels
  • Encouraged the adoption of a City Council visioning process that has resulted in a budget process that integrates the priorities of residents, city staff, and Council into a collaborative whole, ensuring that our yearly budget moves ever-closer to being a reflection of our shared community values
  • Participated in Courageous Conversations GTX since its inception to: immerse herself in productive and civil dialogue on important issues related to race and more; increase her understanding of, and advocacy for, the issues that affect the many different and unique communities that exist within Georgetown; build bridges between our communities.
  • Respected the time, contributions, and recommendations of our advisory committees, like the Main Street Board, the Housing Advisory Board, and the Historic Architectural Review Committee, championing their proposals to Council on numerous occasions
  • Been an advocate for efforts to recognize and expand our city’s reputation as a Cultural District jewel, in partnership with local non-profits and city departments, like Grace Heritage, the Art Center, the Georgetown Public Library, the Palace Theater, the Convention & Visitors Bureau, and more
  • Raised awareness of issues arising from the growing popularity of Blue Hole as a recreational destination, and implemented a plan to address issues like parking, open fires, littering, more visible posting of the rules, etc.
  • Worked to secure the necessary funding for the Animal Shelter to develop a Master Plan that will give the city a step-by-step process to adequately and humanely deal with the needs of our growing pet population
  • Worked with local non-profits to raise awareness about the needs of our young people and our at-risk populations, by bringing a young parent’s perspective to council discussions on these issues
  • Spoken out on issues related to affordable workforce housing, and the need to be aggressive on real, local solutions that meet the needs of our young students and professionals, first-time homebuyers and young families, hard-working individuals making less than a living wage, and senior citizens transitioning to smaller housing solutions
  • Been a strong and outspoken advocate for holistic transportation solutions that pursue a network of options that provide the public with many ways to get around Georgetown and connect to the rest of our region, including: public transportation like rail and bus, sidewalk and trail infrastructure, ADA accommodations, bicycle-friendly solutions & bike-sharing programs
  • Called for openness and transparency, when it comes to the operation of our Electric Utility. Was the first to insist on halting the appointment of new members to the Georgetown Utility Systems (GUS) board, until we could reorganize the board, put a call out for new applications, and create new missions. Was the first to suggest breaking GUS up into two separate boards, electric and water, in order to appoint members with expertise in those two areas, the better to advise the council. Voted against a major electric rate-break for a corporation, when so many utility customers are concerned about their own household bills.
  • Defended the role and scope of the duties of our Historic Architectural Review Commission (HARC), reached out to engage residents and local non-profits in a robust public outreach campaign, and ultimately saw the authority and role of HARC expanded, to protect our local historic resources.
  • Has demonstrated a willingness to sit down and listen to our neighbors in other districts, and even outside the city limits, based on a firmly held belief that the decisions made on the council can affect ALL of us — we need to listen to one another, and consider each other’s points-of-view, in order to make the most informed and responsible decisions.


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We support Rachael Jonrowe for re-election as the District 6 representative on our City Council. Rachael has a proven track record addressing the concerns of our District. When our neighbor and friend challenged Rachael for the District 6 seat in 2017, we supported Rachael based on her track record. Now she’s being challenged again by […]

Shirley Coleman
District 6 resident

Rachael Jonrowe is a crucial voice on the Georgetown City Council. She is an extremely hard worker and brings a perspective to the council that would likely be ignored otherwise. This perspective is important in our rapidly expanding and forward-thinking city. Georgetown is quite unique with its history, a thriving downtown, a budding arts scene, […]

Christi Cowden
Georgetown resident

In every interaction I’ve had with Rachael Jonrowe, I’ve been left with the impression that she is kind, empathetic, and understanding. She once came to our school and sat and spoke to my club in order to better understand the issues students face in Georgetown, and, more specifically, what we as a community could do […]

Sam Russek
District 6 resident, SU student

I am a long time Georgetown resident but not in District 6. I encourage all of my neighbors in District 6 to re-elect Councilwoman Rachael Jonrowe. Time and again she proves her commitment to represent all of her constituents. She brings a point of view to the city council that is needed and in doing […]

Chris Villar
Georgetown resident

My family and I stand with Rachael, and have since her first race for Georgetown City Council.  At that time, we were encouraged by her positive energy, consideration of the issues facing a growing community, and willingness to reach out to any and all Georgetowners.  During her time on the City Council, she has stayed […]

Katie Burke
Georgetown resident
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