Rachael believes that the city of Georgetown needs:

Affordable Housing

Be bold when tackling the issue of housing access and affordability, working with citizens, non-profits, our advisory boards, and innovative developers to come up with creative solutions that will put us at the forefront of this issue. This includes recognizing and taking action to address local transitional housing needs in our growing community, like homeless teens and women and children leaving abusive situations.


Pursue holistic transportation solutions that connect people, reduce congestion, and increase a sense of community. This means participating in local and regional efforts to connect public transportation systems, encouraging viable mass-transit options, developing and implementing a Bicycle Master Plan for both recreational and commuter cycling, further expanding our trail system, aggressively funding increased sidewalk infrastructure (particularly for ADA compliance and Safe Walk to School programs), developing Corridor Plans for University Ave, Austin Ave, and 971, and more.

Community Building

Build stronger relationships and encourage more open dialogue between our varied communities, to communicate honestly about their unique concerns and priorities, and make sure that the needs of all are being heard and represented at the council level.

Public Safety

Recognize that our public safety personnel are an integral part of our community, and always seek to be responsible to the changing needs and expectations of our residents, whether it is transitioning to a full-service Fire Department/EMS, or working hand-in-hand to build trust and understanding between our Police Department and the communities they serve.

City Planning

Plan for a 21st Century City that looks at development through the lens of what makes our residents happy, healthy and pleased to call Georgetown home: sustainability, walkability, green spaces, access to health services, unique family-owned businesses, community activities and festivals, and cultural events.

Historic Preservation

Preserves and protects our 19th century roots by recognizing the contributions of our many historic neighborhoods, chronicling their stories, recognizing those who have been doing this work, and supporting partnerships in preservation and restoration efforts.


Continue to pursue sustainability efforts that work for Georgetown by actively researching and pursuing ideas like new energy storage technologies, neighborhood energy generation facilities, supports for homeowners improving efficiency, adopting codes that support walkable communities, making it easier to build “tiny homes,” and reduce our per capita water and waste footprints. Ensure that all sustainability measures are made after an inclusive and transparent public input process, and that outside expertise is utilized whenever possible.

Downtown Development

Adopt a comprehensive, step-by-step plan to bring the businesses residents say they want to the downtown, like a book store, a soda shop, a hardware store, or a culinary supply store, and then do it! The city can and should play a role in shaping the future of a multi-generational downtown that has something for everyone, and treasures and supports our locally-owned businesses. Affordability and the downtown “retail mix” are important to our residents and our business-owners, and the council should listen, and act!

Youth Task Force

Create a Youth Needs Task Force, to analyze the data and make recommendations to the council for ways that the city can pro-actively address the needs of young people and their families, whether it is affordable child-care, more after school programs, giving young people mechanisms by which they can connect and engage with their local elected officials, partnering with organizations that will teach young people a desired skill and pay them a decent wage, and more.

Fair Wages

Take steps to demonstrate out commitment to ensuring our residents are paid fair wages for a days work, starting with our city employees and contractors, and the businesses that seek public dollars for their projects.

Arts and Culture

Continue to assertively support efforts to grow our city’s reputation as a cultural jewel in Central Texas, recognizing that our support for all of the arts is a reflection of our values, and reaps economic and societal benefits for us all.

Customer Service

Take steps to ensure that every resident’s interactions with the city are as positive and timely as possible.

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