Georgetown is the place where my husband and I chose to raise our family, grow our business, and get involved. I know what it is like to juggle paying the bills, help with school projects, plan family events, stay active in local causes, and get my friends and neighbors involved in being part of good governance, all at the same time.

And the decisions made by our council affect us all, in every part of Georgetown, and beyond.

As a stay-at-home mother, I have worked in a volunteer capacity to register voters and bring attention to a variety of issues like holistic transportation planning, the need for smart & affordable cities, building bridges between communities that often feel isolated from one another, and investing in quality-of-life amenities like libraries, parks, recreation centers, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and trails, walkable neighborhoods, and more. Those priorities and that dedication are what I bring to every council meeting.

A native Texan, I was born in Austin, but was exposed to many different environments and experiences, having grown up in a trailer park on East Rundberg before moving to Westlake in 5th grade, where I completed my high school career by graduating in the top 10%, becoming a National Merit Scholar, and being accepted into the Plan II program at UT.  After some life changes, I transferred to the Texas Culinary Academy, Le Cordon Bleu, from which I graduated with honors.  My personal history has given me an appreciation for diverse points-of-view and the life experiences of my friends and neighbors, and a willingness to listen.

After all, when it comes to being part of a community, there is no left versus right. It’s all about sitting down with your neighbors, and finding out what works best. On the local level, labels and biases can get in the way, especially when they are used as wedges to keep us from truly communicating with one another.

Local government is where we can overcome these labels, and see that the fixing gets done!

To this end, I am especially proud of having been the co-founder of the Round Rock Coffee Party, a non-partisan civic group committed to the idea of using civility to find common ground among people of all political persuasions.  So, when summing up my view of local government, I believe that, ideally, a city council should be made up of members who represent a variety of points-of-view, who bring different life experiences to the table and engage with one another to do not just what is right for their districts, but for the city and our neighbors.

As a mother, business-owner, volunteer and elected official who values the contributions of all of our residents, I will do my part to make sure that Georgetown remains a town that celebrates the diverse gifts of every generation, tackles the challenges that are unique to each community within our city, embraces a responsive and responsible small-business community, and provides a healthy and happy environment for all.


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Knowing who represents you in government is one thing, but being able to get to know them is another. I am pleased to say that person for me is Georgetown City Councilwoman Rachael Jonrowe of District 6. As a civic minded person, public offices and who holds them is very important to me. When I met Rachael, I knew my representation was only in the best of hands.

Rachael knows people. She is compassionate, patient, transparent, friendly and highly intelligent. She has the true heart of a servant, and today, that is more important than ever. I've had the privilege of speaking with her personally and there is no doubt in my mind that she is the right person for the job. She loves her community and her community loves her. I encourage anyone to simply sit down with Rachael and open dialogue. You will not be disappointed.

Will Kniep
Georgetown resident

I love our Council woman, Rachael Greulich Jonrowe. Her personal goal, as a council representative, is to do her part to make sure that decisions made at City Council reflect the needs and desires of her district, and benefit the people of Georgetown even though she is often in the minority vote on these issues .  She is definitely a City Council Representative who is not only for the people of our town, but who really does demonstrate being one of the people of her beloved Georgetown.  As a volunteer in the community, she has helped organize letter-writing, voter-registration and get-out-the-vote drives and constantly works to encourage greater diversity and participation in local governmet. She recently demonsteated this when she stood in a line along with 500 other people for a free immigration clinic and consultation hosted by a group called "Texas Here to Stay "on Feb. 12 at St. Helen's Catholic Church in Georgetown As for me, I Stand with Rachael!  For the last six years, Rachael has been a voice on our council advocating for policies and programs that benefit ALL of our communities, and put the needs of our neighborhoods first.

She stands for fighting for affordable housing, public transportation, sustainable & green growth policies, services for our students and young people, public safety policies that are driven by our communities' needs, and more....

She once said that she hit the ground running from her first pair of campaign shoes and as far as I can tell she hasn't stopped since. In her own words,  "...doing business for the wonderful town which I love and serve."

As for me, I stand with her and I hope you will consider doing so too!

Sara Konovalski
Georgetown resident

This woman.  This beautiful soul.  I stand with her...yes, I stand with Rachael for more reasons than I will record here out of respect for appearing far too long-winded 🙂  Let me tell you just a few of the reasons why I stand with her.  Having had the blessing of serving as her 11th grade English teacher, I experienced: her inquisitive mind, her depth of compassion for others, her empathy for the world and for human rights, her respect for her classmates and all she met, her confidence in speaking with clarity and self-assurance, her willingness to be open-minded in hearing all sides of any story or idea, her unwillingness to just blindly follow others but rather to listen and analyze and come to her her own sound decisions based on her highly ethical soul and nature.  I experienced all of this--and so much more--decades ago.  And now, to know her on an adult level, woman-to-woman...I embrace the woman who has matured and grown into an even more intelligent, more civic-minded, more compassionate, loving mother, loving wife.  I believe in her.  this woman.  I stand with Rachael Greulich Jonrowe for Georgetown City Council, District 6.

Susie Kellly Flatau
Georgetown resident

There are many reasons why I support Rachael. She’s my neighbor, so I get to see her walking around the neighborhood with her family. The kids are curious, smiling, and always asking questions, and Rachael is always loving and attentive.
I have sat on a board with Rachael, so I know that she does her homework before making a decision. She always asks questions, because she wants to make the decision that is the best for everyone, and not out of self-interest.
And I think that is the point, she asks the tough questions. She’s courageous, and the only City Council member to truly challenge the majority, even when it’s not popular. I don’t want a yes person as my representative. I want someone with honesty, compassion, grit, smarts and common sense.
Rachael has all that and so much more to offer her constituents. I stand with Rachael all the way!

Nick Ramos
District 6 Resident

I stand with Rachael. I find Rachael's role on council an excellent mixture of concern for her district and the overall good of Georgetown. I've worked with her on Parks and Bicycle Mobility Planning. I've found her to be both an optimist and a realist. Old Town is special and distinctive from the rest o f town, so is our representative. Re-elect Rachael.

Glenn Holzer
District 6 resident

After knowing Rachael professionally and personally for several years, I am certain about these aspects of her character. Rachael considers every issue from multiple points of view with a great deal of intellect, research and careful thought. I am certain her intentions are always for the greater good of Georgetown. Rachael channels unrivaled passion and empathy in all her projects and interactions with the community. I am certain she truly cares about the people in our town, especially the people who may be easily forgotten or overlooked. Rachael is open minded but logical, progressive but practical, and understands the immediate and future issues facing Georgetown's growth. I am certain that she is fully dedicated to preserving the small town charm of Georgetown, while balancing positive and negative consequences of the inevitable expansion of our town. Rachael has vision and heart, and we are fortunate to have her as one of the women leaders in Georgetown.

Misty Adair
Georgetown resident

My family and I stand with Rachael, and have since her first race for Georgetown City Council.  At that time, we were encouraged by her positive energy, consideration of the issues facing a growing community, and willingness to reach out to any and all Georgetowners.  During her time on the City Council, she has stayed true to these qualities.  Rachael has and continues to take her responsibility to Georgetown seriously, delving into issues, educating herself about those issues and seeking out opinions or experiences other than her own in order to make the best possible decisions for all of Georgetown.  She doesn’t shrink from asking the hard questions or expressing an unpopular opinion, often being the lone dissenting voice speaking for those who often go, or feel, unheard.  Her interest in and support of community organizations is amazing; if she is asked to attend an event, she’s there, often with her entire family, which is no mean feat to organize!  Her advice on navigating the ins and outs of City government is spot on and an invaluable help, and she is always encouraging folks to get involved in governance.

Twenty plus years ago, my husband and I chose to move, set down roots and raise our children here in Georgetown and we have every reason to be glad of it.  Our children thrived here; warm, caring neighbors, a school system that enabled them to discover who they are and where their talents lay, and a community where they felt at home.  As Georgetown has grown, we have sometimes felt it was time to move on, but not yet.  This is home; this is where we volunteer, this is where our friends are, and Rachael is part of why we remain and why, especially with the rapid growth of our city, we are hopeful for the future of this community and the lives being nurtured here.

Katie Burke
Georgetown resident

I am a long time Georgetown resident but not in District 6. I encourage all of my neighbors in District 6 to re-elect Councilwoman Rachael Jonrowe. Time and again she proves her commitment to represent all of her constituents. She brings a point of view to the city council that is needed and in doing so ensures that the concerns of all Georgetown citizens are considered as the council decides policy. I have every bit of confidence that she will continue to raise talking points in the council chamber that are necessary and right and that probably would be ignored without her contribution.

In short, Councilwoman Jonrowe is a leader who considers issues in a way that we could use more of in Georgetown.

Chris Villar
Georgetown resident

In every interaction I’ve had with Rachael Jonrowe, I’ve been left with the impression that she is kind, empathetic, and understanding. She once came to our school and sat and spoke to my club in order to better understand the issues students face in Georgetown, and, more specifically, what we as a community could do about them.

We ended up going over the allotted time, and when we parted ways, I felt we had accomplished something, that we were not only heard, but also listened to. When she thinks of initiatives to foster the community, she keeps us in mind. I can only assume the rest of her constituents feel the same. With Rachael as our district representative, I know we all have a voice. Rachael Jonrowe listens to all of us. Then, with everyone in mind, she acts.

Sam Russek
District 6 resident, SU student

Rachael Jonrowe is a crucial voice on the Georgetown City Council. She is an extremely hard worker and brings a perspective to the council that would likely be ignored otherwise. This perspective is important in our rapidly expanding and forward-thinking city. Georgetown is quite unique with its history, a thriving downtown, a budding arts scene, as host to a liberal arts university, and as a community that welcomes retirees and young families alike. The council must reflect that diversity of thought and experience. Rachael puts her heart and soul into her position on the City Council and takes time to carefully research issues, is always eager to hear from and listen to her constituents, and is very thoughtful in her deliberations.

I wholeheartedly support her re-election to the Georgetown City Council, District 6. I urge everyone to support her and consider the ramifications of losing her voice in city governance and oversight.

Christi Cowden
Georgetown resident

We support Rachael Jonrowe for re-election as the District 6 representative on our City Council. Rachael has a proven track record addressing the concerns of our District. When our neighbor and friend challenged Rachael for the District 6 seat in 2017, we supported Rachael based on her track record. Now she’s being challenged again by another friend. But we continue to Stand with Rachael!

We have watched her work on the Council to support the City’s Master Plan and to question projects that require zoning changes or development variances to be shoehorned into our historic districts. Whether it was the original Hat Creek Burger proposal in 2012 to locate across Austin Avenue from the Monument, the original McIntosh proposal in 2015 to redevelop the old Hospital, the Union on 8th request to remove special zoning conditions in 2016, the proposed rule changes to neuter HARC in 2018/2019 and now the Parking Garage at 6th and Main, Rachael does her homework and works toward a sane development process that respects the Master Plan, City development rules and the concerns of District residents. A previous letter-writer characterized District 6 as the district of “no”. We think of Rachael’s approach as “Stop, Look, Listen and Think Before We Act”, exactly as she recommended regarding the location of the proposed parking garage during the recent City Council meeting, Unfortunately, she was out-voted by one vote.

We will vote to preserve the family-friendly charm and vibrancy of the Square, Old Town, and the City as a whole. Rachael is the tried and true choice. Experience counts.

Shirley Coleman
District 6 resident

Rachael is EXACTLY what our council needs. She is the kind of person who does the research and learns the facts and makes decisions based on what is happening around her. She is no "yes" man and she isn't afraid to speak LOUDLY when it is most important.

I so appreciate her knowledge of what is going on in our city and county and her constant dedication to learning more and staying current. We need more people like Rachael on our council and she will always have my vote... from one mom of four to another... I thank you for showing our children what it means to be represent our beautiful city.

Rebecca Huggins
Georgetown resident

When the sidewalks in my Park View neighborhood had shifted and become dangerous and easy to trip over the uneven surfaces, I contacted Rachael after my communications with other city officials only resulted in talk of 5 year sidewalk plans with no indication of assistance in the near future. While Rachael also explained the bureaucratic facts of life to me she said she'd look into it. Within weeks city crews were in the neighborhood fixing the areas I'd reported as well as many others I hadn't. The sidewalks are now even and safe. Our house is voting for Rachael because she gets things done!

Vicky Wyatt May
District 6 resident

I am endorsing Rachael Greulich Jonrowe for re-election to the Georgetown City Council because she goes out and listens to the residents of Georgetown.

Luanne Heacock
Georgetown resident
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